Developing Clairvoyance

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Clairvoyance means “clear-seeing” ~ to look into the spaces that are clear ~ to see the world as a whole and to reach out with our minds directly, clearly and expansively for the information we want. Begin to train yourself to see, hear and sense with your mind. Continue to train the mind's eye to focus itself correctly on mind pictures, which are just as real as rocks or trees, but a different kind of reality. With the spiritual power that is gained, the mind's or 3rd Eye can come to focus almost instantly and clearly see any picture. To truly see we must seek a far deeper understanding and perception, changing our current mode of seeing in order to understand the greater processes involved and learn from them.

We must seek a better understanding of the order and wholeness of the Universe, the inner relationship of things, feel the wonder of the Universe and how all is woven together into a perfect Plan, piece by piece. To develop our abilities we must learn to perceive the subtle differences between the information we seek, and the countless other possibilities. In other words, we are learning to become more expansive, broadening our horizons and the ways we think and observe. So, reach out, be flexible, take your Self and your thinking out of any boxes you've put your Self or God in.

The more clarity we have within ourselves the better we can see the subtle aspects of the world around us. Here are a few beginning guidelines for awakening your intuition and connecting with Spirit:

Intention : Intuition is already within your Being, but to awaken it you have to value it and intend to develop it. Keep clear, conscious intention to do so. Keep your wits about you ~ clear the fog away.

Time : Your willingness to make time to attune with Spirit and to develop, value and trust your intuition is a must. Make space in your life for the unfoldment of your gifts.

Relaxation : Letting go of physical and emotional tension gives intuition the space to enter your conscious awareness, and raises your vibrations for a clear connection with Spirit.

Silence and Ancient Yogic Techniques : Intuition flourishes in silence. Learning to quiet the mind is imperative for awakening intuition. Find the meditative and contemplative techniques that work best for you, and find ways to attune with your Inner Silence, your Inner Voice. I would highly recommend finding a style of Yoga that is conducive to spiritual unfoldment vs. a “power” type of Americanized Yoga. Seek a class or a style of Yoga that includes breathing and meditation time, asanas (or poses) that relax, calm, ground and strengthen you, and has a time to relax, refresh yourself and incorporate all you've practiced at the end of class. One needs a full 1.5 hour class to truly enjoy all the benefits the ancient techniques Yoga has to offer. I was an Iyengar-certified teacher for many years, and found that was the best style for me, but changed and adapted it as the years went on, always keeping the foundation of ahimsa , or non-violence, and the core teachings of that style. You much determine what feels right for you.

In developing clairvoyance, you need an understanding of the 3rd eye, or pineal gland, (located in the center of the head either at eye-level or slightly above and varies from person to person) and the 6th Chakra. The 3rd eye, is the psychic tool of the 6th chakra , just as your physical eyes are the tools of perception for the brain. The vibration of this center is higher and faster than the vibrations of sound, and it is associated with, but not the same as the 3rd Eye. This chakra analyzes all the visual input we receive from all three of our “eyes.” The 3rd Eye looks , and the 6th Chakra sees.

The Ancient Yogis and Yoginis (male and female practitioners of Yoga) called the brow chakra “ajna,” which originally meant “to perceive,” and later, “to command.” When we begin to allow this chakra to open we are more able to take command our lives as we attune with the richness and beauty of Spirit. The 3rd Eye is a kind of psychic lens. Our higher senses receive and interpret information through the 3 rd eye, and then this information is channeled through the 6th chakra, where it analyzed and stored.

To develop the gift of clairvoyance we must learn to meditate, visualize, daydream and use our imaginations. We must be able to accept the information coming to us, then allow ourselves to see and ask the right questions. What feels strongest? What seems most important, what feels off; what feels right? What feels as though it is right but doesn't quite make sense? Receive the information, then analyze after it is received so that you do not block that which is coming to you. Look for subtle nuances so that you are able to see outside any preconceived idea/notions. This comes with practice, patience and a quiet, open mind. Emptying our minds of images allows us to see what images there are outside our own busy minds. Learning to focus our minds, creating a one-pointedness, (meditation) allows us to look deeper and therefore see more. Developing true clairvoyance takes time. Please do not follow the American way of “instant” everything. It simply won't work with spiritual development and unfoldment.

Everything in the universe has its own energy, vibration and frequency. All thought is vibration: positive thought brings a high rate of vibration sent out from the mind; negative brings a low rate of vibration. We must keep our vibrations high in order to have a clear attunement with Spirit, and to draw the highest and best, vs. the undeveloped spirit people, and false or incorrect information.

Using the gift of clairvoyance properly and reverently helps us to bring forth relevant information on demand, transcending time and space, and this gift can unfold through the development of visualization and imagination. Day dreaming is an excellent beginning, as well and lightly “trancing out,” without drugs or alcohol. Experiment with visualizing or imagining by seeing yourself sitting in your chair, riding in your car, etc. – enjoy, relax and do not pressure yourself. Trying does not work in developing clairvoyance or any other spiritual gifts and communications. Allow, open, feel energy, see colors, open all your spiritual senses, as well as your physical senses, always protecting and grounding yourself first (see Connecting with Heaven and Earth Meditation on my website).

As you slowly and steadily unfold your clairvoyance know that there are no substitutes for a clear and quiet mind. The ability to successfully visualize requires constant use, like a muscle. Get in the habit of:

  • Imagining a face or a name before you answer the phone.
  • Bring up memories of your childhood bedroom, friends, family, holidays, first sweetheart.
  • Visualize a task already completed before you begin it. Does doing so make it easier? Visualize more money in your check register.
  • Visualize meeting someone new.
  • Visualize making peace with someone with whom you've had a falling out.
  • Visualize getting a job that you truly want, (or creating one and finding your own niche) and in addition to visualization, do what it takes physically to get that job and do your very best once in it.
  • Use your imagination in every way possible to allow yourself to fully blossom open.

In the Spirit World, thought forms are everything . If we wish to go somewhere, we think it/visualize it, and there we are. If we want to change our clothes, take a swim, visit the Halls of Learning, or one of our loved ones or guides, we imagine/visualize that as a thought form and it is so.

The gift of clairvoyance is the ability to receive visual impressions that are made upon our minds by Spirit People ~ our spirit doctors, masters, teachers, and loved ones.

Because time is a continuum, we may see symbols or pictures of the past, present or future events. We must be connected well with Spirit and trust our intuition to make sense of what we're being shown.

Things which relate to future events may not be as clear to us since they have not yet occurred. And, there are many factors which can still change the outcome of what is being foretold. People change; we use our free will, change our minds, take a different path; opportunities that were available during a certain window of time may not be available if we have not taken appropriate action, etc..

Reminders on the Spiritual Path : Offer compassion, gentleness, discernment, discretion when giving messsages. We cannot know what another person really feels or is experiencing. Try to put yourself in their shoes and remember the Golden Rule! No drugs, alcohol when opening to Spirit. Avoid too much TV, caffeine, nicotine, sugar, red meat. These all lower your vibrations.

An interesting phenomenon : In 1960, Edward Lorenz, a research meteorologist at MIT, created an incredibly accurate computer program designed to model the weather. One day Lorenz took a short-cut, rounding off a decimal point, which made a huge difference, tiny as it was. We tend to believe that if you barely change a cause, you'll barely change the outcome. However, Lorenz saw that a tiny change could drastically affect the weather. The name for this phenomenon is called “the butterfly effect”: tiny changes brought about by a butterfly moving its wings in San Francisco can transform the weather in Shanghai . Even a subtle change in our thinking can have a butterfly effect on our lives. Lift your thinking just a little higher, and the outcome will be greater beyond your power to predict.

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